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Think Starcrest when you need to board your dog.  Our motto "Where Your Dog is the Star," is well meant.  At Starcrest we specialize in individual care for the pet while you are away from home.  While we can't be "mom and dad", we are dedicated to providing the best alternatives.  Starcrest is a traditional kennel where dogs enjoy their own indoor/outdoor kennel runs, 6x8 feet on the inside with a connecting 25x6 feet outdoor run.

Dogs have access to the outside portion of their run from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  Chutes are then closed for the night, cookies are distributed, and we say good-night.  But we don't leave them alone, even then.  We live here on the grounds, and can hear any nighttime disturbance.  All inside kennel runs are climate controlled.  We provide bedding that is washed on alternate days.  We also give toys - in case you forget to bring something your dog likes to play with.

We serve two meals a day.  Feel free to bring your dog's own food or any special diet Fido may require, or your dog is welcome to have our kibble.

We also have 25 foot long outdoor runs where our canine nature lovers can rest in "dogloos" during the day, but they sleep in an indoor climate controlled kennel, too. There is lots of action in our "park" area, and youngsters really love it.  

Dogs are individually exercised at least twice a day in one of three large play yards.  We do not believe in group sessions for your dogs where germs can spread or accidents can happen.  Instead our kennel attendants supervise individual playtime.We have a play yard that is completely enclosed top to bottom for the safety of your tiny munchkins and the security of your escape artists.  "Talking dirty" to other dogs is okay.  

We do not require a doggie interview as we are a traditional kennel and each dog has their own space. We understand that each dog has his/her own personality and needs.  

Starcrest also offers cat boarding for $13 per day, and any other critters, birds, and reptiles for $6 a day.  

If you find yourself with a trying schedule don't worry about your dog.  We provide day care.  Dogs are treated exactly as if they were boarding and, since we're open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, we can accommodate most working schedules. Daycare costs $13 per dog for any size dog.  

 "Go home clean" baths are also offered at a reasonable price so your dog gets to enjoy the grassy yard without worrying about going home dirty. We give baths two house before pick-up time, so your dogs are freshly clean and dry.

Bath prices: 

Small dog: $10

Large dog: $15

Hairy dog: $20

Frontline: $15

We use soothing oatmeal shampoo for all baths. We also have flea shampoo or shampoo for white-coated dogs upon request.

Starcrest Kennels

9515 La Tuna Canyon Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Cell: (818) 307-3583

Tel: (818)768-1885