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  • Yes, the kennel is air-conditioned and heated, and all dogs sleep indoors

  • Yes, we feed twice a day, your diet or ours 

  • Yes, your dogs are exercised on the grass.  No, we don't have group play sessions

  • Yes, you must show us proof of vaccinations.  New vaccinations - boosters or otherwise -
    MUST BE at least 14 days old

  • Yes, you MUST call with changes of dates in order to avoid penalties.  During high season we may not always be able to accommodate all itinerary changes

  • Yes, we charge cancellation fees if you don't call us at least two full business days before arrival  

  • Drop-off time is 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, pick-up by 12 noon free or you pay for the day

Starcrest Kennels

9515 La Tuna Canyon Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Cell: (818) 307-3583

Tel: (818)768-1885


e-mail: starcrestkennels@earthlink.net