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starcrestkennels@earthlink.net or call us at (818)768-1885 to check availability of space for your dog(s) and to make reservations.   Please give us accurate info and list the following:

  • Your name(s) and address

  • Your Telephone # including the area code

  • Your pet's name, breed, and age

  • Your dog's date of arrival and date of departure (please understand that we cannot be responsible for changes of airline schedules or any other travel related changes) 

Reservations will be confirmed by e-mail or telephone within 24 hours.  


Starcrest Kennels

9515 La Tuna Canyon Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Cell: (818) 307-3583

Tel: (818)768-1885


e-mail: starcrestkennels@earthlink.net


We would like to give a big thank you to everyone that boards here. Your business and donations make each day of rescue possible. Starcrest rescue dogs thank you! Your patronage saves lives.